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  • Jock's Icecream

Jock’s Ice Cream & Sorbet opened in 2001 and owner Jock Main’s dedication to the integrity of his product has remained consistent. Ask anyone about Jock’s and they’ll tell you he’s unique and keeps it real, particularly his ice creams and sorberts.

What’s special about Jock’s ice cream is the quality and ingredients. The owner enthuses it’s real ice cream for the start and it’s made from scratch. Double pasteurising full-cream milk is part of his process for making his much-loved ice cream and serving scoops and small tubs.

Favourite flavours for the crowds who frequent Jock’s are Hokey Pokey and Chocolate, in any form. Main makes a rich, dark XXX chocolate, a chocolate sorbet and a chocolate ice cream, which all sail out the door on sunny days.

Go rain, hail or shine, you will fine cool, sweet ice cream cones regardless.

  • Zoo Autocraft

Australia's premier Alfa restoration specialist, Tim at Zoo Autocraft is an Alfa Genius and a top bloke to boot!  

“No one builds and Alfa like Tim can. Thats for sure!
He’s why there’s so many of the bloody things on the Mille!”
— Max Hobson. Former Mille Director.
Giulia Sprint GT 66

Giulia Sprint GT 66

Zoo Autocraft 101 Giulia Spider RHD

Zoo Autocraft 101 Giulia Spider RHD

  • Classic Road and Track

Owning a classic car is not just owning a stunning mode of transportation, the car embodies the times in which it was made and therefore offers a unique step back in time. These cars now offer a serious investment opportunity with proven long term appreciation potential.

With a passion for classic cars that spans a collective 45 years, Mark Johnson and David Belford have the expertise, knowledge and contacts to source the finest examples of the cars.

Whether you are looking for a particular car to purchase or are thinking of selling your special motor car, Mark and David would be very interested in hearing from you.

We are always on the look out to acquire rare and fascinating automobiles.

Mark and David aim to provide the best service available, discretion and confidentiality is always of the utmost importance.